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78% [of SaaS companies] see B2B marketings’ role expanding from demand generation to deal acceleration.
--Forbes, 2016

Today' SaaS marketers and sales ops team have a new challenge: to generate higher-quality leads and help sales teams close more deals faster.

Good news! You already have everything you need to increase your MQL consistency and turn the VP of Sales into your biggest fan. This FREE course will show you how.

In just 10 emails over 14 days we'll show you how in this step-by-step email course taught by Kevin Dewalt.

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You know those crappy email courses that fill up your inbox? That promise the world and just send you product pitches?

If so ... you’ll be surprised when:

  • You look forward to getting our course emails.
  • We give you specific advice and next steps for improving your MQLs.
  • We skip the "textbook" jargon and focus on results.

Generating better leads and helping sales close faster is the #1 mission for SaaS marketers and sales operations teams

Inside Sales wants more consistent leads. Reps don't want to waste time calling customers who will never buy.

So you send the sales team hundreds MQLs but they don't accept many as SALs. They don't even call many of the leads.


Don't worry - we've helped hundreds of marketing teams like yours overcome these challenges. You will learn how to:

  • Identify your best customers and the right time to call them.
  • Create personas that get marketing and sales teams working together.
  • Use your marketing automation data to build better MQLs.
  • Identify customers who can be upsold.

Best of all you'll know WHY your sales teams don't follow-up on a lead and how to prevent it from happening again.

Our approach is unique.

You will supercharge your MQLs using your marketing automation

Your marketing automation has some of the best information about your customers. You know a customer's next step. You know when to email them and what to say.

Unfortunately your sales teams don't always have access to this same data. Worse yet, your MQLs are not always based on same metrics your sales teams use for identifying SALs.

We'll show you how to leverge your existing data and processes to empower your sales teams with the same sophistication as your marketing automation.